This is the highest honour that SASBCP can bestow on an individual. Such honours are strictly limited. 

Any member in good standing may nominate individuals for Honorary Membership. 

On the recommendation of the Awards Committee, the SASBCP Board may bestow Honorary Membership on persons of eminence who may or may not be members of SASBCP, and who have distinguished themselves extraordinarily with their activities for the Society and/or who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of research, teaching or the practice of (basic or clinical) pharmacology, or allied sciences. 

Honorary Members will not be eligible to vote or to stand for election to the Board unless they are a Member of SASBCP. Honorary Members shall be waived of any membership fees. 

The decision to admit an individual as Honorary Member is made by the SASBCP Board after consideration of the recommendation of the Awards Committee. 

The Awards Committee consists of the SASBCP President, the Vice President, the Secretary, and a senior SASBCP member (e.g., Head of University Department/Division of (Clinical) Pharmacology, senior industry scientist) appointed by the SASBCP Board who is not member of the Board. 

The Awards Committee will use its discretion in the nomination of Honorary Members with regards to the reputation and public perception of SASBCP. An individual will not be awarded Honorary Membership if they have any current conditions, undertakings or warnings attached to their professional registration. If a proposer believes that special circumstances exist concerning a nominated individual, these should be discussed with the President.

Nominations for Honorary Membership must be submitted to the Awards Committee and must be supported by:

  1. Nomination Form (click to download)
  2. Detailed letter of motivation relevant to the criteria for Honorary Membership
  3. Curriculum vitae of nominee
  4. Declarations of support by two seconders who are SASBCP members in good standing
  5. The completed nomination form and relevant documents should be submitted by email to the SASBCP office:

Once the Honorary Membership has been approved by the SASBCP Board, the President will officially notify the successful candidate of the award. 

Deadlines for nominations and names of the awarded Honorary Members will be announced in the monthly newsletter and on the SASBCP web site.